Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Missing British Child - Madeleine McCann.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Please people of our world:- Please spare a thought for young innocent, vulnerable missing British Citizen Madeleine McCann. Everyone knows that young Madeleine disappeared from Portugal in May 2007. With everyones help; simply through - WORD & MOUTH - we can help bring young Madeleine back to loving family in the United Kingdom. I cannot actually prove this, but for some reason I have a very strong feeling that young Madeleine is either living in, or being held somewhere in CAIRO - EGYPT. I have had this feeling since November 2010. I have mentioned this to Madeleine's parents, since November 2010. GOD PROTECT YOU MADELEINE. http://ceop.police.uk/madeleine/madeleine.asp




  1. There is a very easy way to get better coverage of missing children and that is to use email. I am not talking about SPAM but rather having our regular (business or personal) emails feature image and link of missing children. This is available absolutely for free at www.wrapmail.com where users can add an RSS feed from the center for missing and exploited children. To see what this looks like just send an email to info@wrapmail.com and we will reply and you will see the feed of missing children on the bottom. See also this article: http://www.canadafreepress.com/2007/cover082907.htm

  2. Good work Graham. Keep it up. I believe Madeleine is still alive too. I just hope if she is found, her parents will be able to reconnect with her.Unimaginable what she has been through or is going through.